zainuddin Sensei (4th-dan)incorporate the traditional japanese weapons of Aikido program.Weapons training facilities Aikido training in that each Aikido technique can be performed with or without one of these weapons and in fact,orinates from a traditional is a unique blend of four traditional Japanese weapons arts emphasizing pratical ability and a deeper philosophical understanding of traditional and modern samurai values.this class presents the ancient art of the samurai warrior,forging a strong spirit,body and is a supplement to the open-hand Aikido class and is intended to enhance a student`s Aikido training

Introduction to Aikido Series

penampang Dojo is a modern martial arts school specializing in the instruction of Aikido. Aikido translates as “Way of the harmonious spirit” and is a powerful, defensive art that is practiced in a cooperative learning environment.

Aikido can be practiced by students of all ages and is a fun and engaging way to improve fitness, learn self-defense skills, and become part of a supportive, enthusiastic, and diverse community of students.

International        Aikido           Federation`s

About us

Aikikai Malaysia Association is an official representative of Malaysia to the International Aikido Federation’s (IAF) annual congress. It is a member to IAF since 1975 and recognized by the Aikikai Foundation, World Aikido Headquarter (Hombu Dojo). It is also a member to the Asian Aikido Federation (AAF)

Aikikai Malaysia Association is a network of dojos and individuals all of which are member to the association. The constituted purpose of association is to further the advancement of traditional Aikido in Malaysia. It coordinates aikido activities such as conducting Dan grade examinations, training camps, seminars, demonstrations as well as to offer help to newly started clubs, by establishing contact to other clubs.

In Malaysia, Aikikai Malaysia Association is registered as a societal association under the Society Act 1977 which requires it to be administered according to the association act and submit annual report to the Register of Society, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The association is governed by a board of committee members appointed during the association’s annual general meeting for every two years. It is privileged to receive guidance from the Honorary Permanent Technical Advisor who also heads the Aikikai Malaysia Technical Committee.

The main purpose of the committee's is to plan, implement and realize the association’s objectives. The committee is responsible to organize activities and manage the association within its own constitution. The committee determines the organisation's policy in close collaboration with the Permanent Technical Advisor and the members of the association.

The current board members of the executive committee are:

Executive Committee Members 2009-2010

President : Hj Muhd Haneef Ali

Vice President : Nik Ibrahim Abd Rahman - Pengerusi

Secretary General : Suzalie Mohamad

Asst. Sec. General : Hairul Hafez Abu Bakar

Treasurer : Muhamad Yusof Ahmad Khusairi

Asst. Treasurer : Lazuardi Mohd Salleh

Committee Members:

Azrul Hasni Md. Isa

Sabri Salleh

Kassim Mansor

Mohd Zaki Zakaria

Zainuddin Abd Khalic

Permanent Technical Advisor : Muhamad Haneef Ali

The Constitution

The administration of Aikikai Malaysia is bound to its constitution. According to the association’s constitution, the main purposes of the association are as follow;

i. to strengthen friendship and stimulate cooperation between members

ii. to protect the members’ social affairs and interest as well as to respect others national arts and heritages

iii. to communicate and cooperate with the government in organizing health activities and preventing anti-social activities and negative elements

iv. to inculcate the spirit and love toward the nation, religion and country.


The organization accepts two kinds of memberships namely individuals and affiliated dojos.

The application of the individual membership can only be made through the nomination and recommendation by two members of the association submitted to the Secretary General and approved by the committee members. The individual membership is entitled to cast a vote during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The application of affiliated dojo membership can be made by submitting application form to the Secretary General. Successful application will entitle affiliated dojo two representatives to attend the AGM.

The Logo

The association’s logo takes the circular shape with 5 leaves and a ring shaped with a background of Malaysia’s flag in the middle. Persatuan Aikikai Malaysia (a.k.a Aikikai Malaysia Association) is written outside the circular shape.

The association’s logo adapts the shape of International Aikido Federation’s logo. It resembles the IAF in view of the fact that the association is the official representative of Malaysia to the federation and follows Aikikai Foundation’s guidelines.

The core of the association’s logo is a circle, bearing the yellow crescent and 14-edges star – identity of the ‘Jalur Gemilang’. This symbolizes a Japanese art with Malaysian identity of peace and harmony between difference racial background.

Five petals in white and red stripes, also taken from the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ – give a sense of protection to the core of the logo which symbolizes love, loyalty, spirit, vigilant and discipline. Red and white are colour of peace and courage symbolizes aikidokas are peace loving people.